Hillary praises President Biden after inauguration “I think that the moment and the man are made for each other”

Hillary Clinton heaped praised on President Joe Biden after his inauguration speech.

“I think that the moment and the man are made for each other,” Clinton said.

The 2016 Presidential loser and former Secretary of State under Obama also said she was “relieved and grateful” to be able to attend Biden’s inauguration.

“I was so relieved and grateful that we were able to celebrate the transfer of power in a peaceful way, which has been a hallmark of our country,” Clinton said. “It meant a great deal to so many Americans to see the ceremony conducted on the platform where just a few weeks ago marauders and terrorists had been attempting to stop democracy, so it really lifted my heart.”

Clinton also praised Kamala Harris, saying she was “thrilled” to see her historic appointment.

“I was also delighted because she’s a friend of mine,” Hillary said “I am convinced she’s going to be a terrific partner to Joe Biden and, you know, really put all of her experience and the expertise to work on behalf of the American people. I don’t think we could ask for anything more”