Hillary Offers Advice to Dem Voters on Who They Should Support to Take on Trump

2016 Presidential loser Hillary Clinton made the argument to Democrat voters that defeating Trump is so critical this year that they should pick who has the best chance of winning above all other considerations, such as who they personally like the most.

Clinton also ominously warned “Lord knows what will happen if we don’t retire the current incumbent and his henchmen.”

ABC reports Hillary Rodham Clinton has advice for Democratic voters faced with an unsettled field of presidential contenders: pick a winner.

“This is an election that will have such profound impact, so take your vote seriously,” Clinton said. “And for Democratic voters, try to vote for the person you think is most likely to win. Because at the end of the day, that is what will matter — and not just in the popular vote, but the electoral college.”

Voters must act thoughtfully “because Lord knows what will happen if we don’t retire the current incumbent and his henchmen, as (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi so well described them,” the former first lady said.

Clinton, who won a majority of votes in the 2016 election but lost to GOP candidate Donald Trump in the electoral tally, made her comments Friday during a Q&A session with TV critics about a new Hulu documentary on her life and career, “Hillary.” The session largely focused on the documentary directed and produced by Nanette Burstein and ended before any questions about President Trump’s impeachment trial were asked.