Hillary decries Trump plan to fill SCOTUS vacancy “this could not be more diabolical”

Wednesday at the Texas Tribune Festival, Hillary Clinton decried the Trump plan to fill the SCOTUS vacancy resulting from Justice Ginsburg’s passing as “diabolical.”

“Ultimately this fight, it seems to me, is about health care,” Clinton argued. “Health care is literally before the court.”

She continued “Trump and the Republicans led by Mitch McConnell have been trying to get rid of health care for years ever since President Obama passed the Affordable Care Act.”

“Let’s be sure we understand: What the Republicans are doing is rushing an appointment to the court to repeal the Affordable Care Act and strip away health care for many millions of Americans. The Democrats need to make that case,” she added.

Clinton urged Democrats to frame the November election and fight for the Supreme Court as a fight over health care.

“This could not be more diabolical,” the 2016 Presidential loser argued “And I think that Democrats need to be absolutely clear that any vote for any Republican is literally a vote to cost you money to make your health care more expensive and maybe to eliminate the possibility you’ll be able to afford it at all.”