Hillary compares conspiracy theories about her to “Salem Witch Trials,” says they are “rooted in ancient scapegoating of women”

In a new interview with the NY Times, former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says smears and conspiracies against her are “rooted in ancient scapegoating of women.”

Clinton also warns “we are facing a mass addiction with the effective purveying of disinformation on social media.”

Discussing conspiracy theories about her spread by those including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Clinton says in the interview with Michelle Goldberg “for me, it does go back to my earliest days in national politics, when it became clear to me that there was a bit of a market in trafficking in the most outlandish accusations and wild stories concerning me, my family, people that we knew, people close to us.”

Clinton also connected conspiracy theories like ones claiming she belongs to a satanic cult to misogyny.

Hillary told the NY Times “this is rooted in ancient scapegoating of women, of doing everything to undermine women in the public arena, women with their own voices, women who speak up against power and the patriarchy.”

“This is a Salem Witch Trials line of argument against independent, outspoken, pushy women. And it began to metastasize around me,” she added.