Hillary Chimes in to Lecture Trump, Says He May Be “Failing Americans” in New Tweet

2016 Presidential Loser Hillary Clinton  decided to chime in again Thursday on President Trump’s coronavirus response, this time lecturing him over shortages of ventilators and beds and implying he may be “failing Americans.”

Let’s try this again, @realdonaldtrump

Hospitals are already running out of ventilators and beds. Nurses are using bandanas as masks.

If you’ve already ordered more with the Defense Production Act, tell us now. If you haven’t, you’re failing to lead and failing Americans.

Hillary’s tweet was met by a lot of Trump supporters striking back.

Joey Saladino wrote:

Let the PRESIDENT do his thing.
You wouldn’t know what the job entails.

Heather wrote “OMG. Shhhhhh”

Adam Chance added “She’s like the drunk aunt that’s been married five times, just got out of jail, and still tries to give everyone life advice.”

Greg Price wrote “Quarantine yourself forever.”

Tim Young wrote

Let’s try this again Hillary:

You’ll never be President.

Delete your account.

Last week Hillary criticized Trump with a similar condescending tone.

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