Hillary Chimes in on Senate Deadlock, Compares Trump Unfavorably to FDR

2016 Presidential loser Hillary Clinton chose to chime in once again as the Senate continued to squabble over the contents of the coronavirus rescue package.

Hillary compared Trump unfavorably to FDR, tweeting:

In the face of crisis, FDR had the New Deal to help suffering Americans. Now, @realdonaldtrump, you and your fellow Republicans are pushing the . See the difference?

In a follow-up tweet, Hillary wrote:

For all of those who can differentiate a package from self-serving slush funds:

Call your representatives 202-224-3121 to let them know which one you support.

One Twitter user responded to Hillary “I still thank God every day that you are not my president.”

This article first appeared on TheConservativeOpinion.com 

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