Hillary calls Trump’s Executive Order “a stunt” accuses him of being “a wannabe authoritarian.”

Appearing on MSBNC, Hillary Clinton called President Trump’s executive orders a “stunt” and said he has signaled “going after Social Security and Medicare.”

Hillary also accused Trump of being “a wannabe authoritarian” and commented on Joe Biden’s Vice President choices.

“This is such a critical election and I think he’s got great choices,” Hillary said “We’re up against a wannabe authoritarian who has already hurt our country, our institutions, our rule of law. We just have to defeat Donald Trump.”


Appearing on CNN, Larry Kudlow attempted to clarify some of President Trump’s remarks.

Dana Bash asked how social security and medicare would be protected if payroll taxes were cut permanently.

Kudlow replied “When he referred to ‘permanent,’ I think what he was saying is that the deferral of the payroll tax to the end of the year will be made permanent. It will be forgiven. The tax is not going to go away.”