Hillary Calls Herself “the most investigated, exonerated person in recent history”

In a new interview with “The Hollywood reporter” former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton calls herself “the most investigated, exonerated person in recent history.”

Asked if she ever feared Trump would actually “lock her up.” Hillary responded:

I didn’t know what he was capable of… Look, if I had ever done anything wrong, he would have gone after me. Let me put it that way. You know, I’ve never done anything wrong.

I’m, you know, as some people like to say, the most investigated, exonerated person in recent history.

But if he could have found anything that he thought could impose some kind of cost on me — because, at the root of this, Scott, is he fears that his win — that narrow win in the Electoral College — was not legitimate.

Part of what he does in the way he lashes out is because, deep down, he knows the Russians helped him, despite his incredible efforts to deny it. He knows WikiLeaks helped him. He understands all of that.

So if he could [have gone after me] — as he has tried to do, to go after people all the time, and thankfully without a lot of success — he would have, because he’s a vindictive score-settler and he doesn’t want the legitimacy of his election ever to be questioned, although history will continue to question it. So, thankfully, you know, I never did anything that gave him any cause, despite his best efforts.

Asked if she would beat Trump if she were on the ballot again in November, Hillary answered “Yes. But I think people believe that this is a referendum on him.”