Hillary and Daughter Chelsea Team Up on New Hollywood Production Company

Failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is teaming up with her daughter Chelsea to start a Hollywood production company that will tell stories about women.

Bloomberg reported that the two have spoken to studios about financing a pipeline of programs, said people familiar with the matter. They would give a studio first crack at releasing the projects, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the discussions are at an early stage.

The family hopes to use film and television to influence culture and society now that Hillary Clinton is out of politics. They plan to focus on stories by and about women. The production company is one of many potential business opportunities that Hillary Clinton, 71, is considering.

One year ago the feds began investigating the other “family business,” also known as the Clinton Foundation.

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Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea are starting a production company for film and television projects, Bloomberg reports.

The Clintons’ will focus on women and aim to influence current culture. The projects will be by women and about women, sources close the matter said, according to Bloomberg.

Hillary also signed a deal in August to be the executive producer of Steven Spielberg’s “The Women’s Hour,” The Guardian reported. She follows other politicians who have turned to Hollywood, such as former President Barack Obama.

Obama and his wife Michelle created a production company in 2018 called “Higher Ground Productions” which has a deal with Netflix. They announced seven projects on April 30 that will be created in collaboration with the world’s largest streaming service.

Chelsea Clinton has spent time in the spotlight as well. She was hired as a special correspondent for NBC News’ “Making A Difference” show in 2011 with an annual salary of $600,000, the New York Times reported. Chelsea’s yearly salary and lack of reporting experience drew criticism from many.

Her time at NBC lasted for a little less than three years. Chelsea reported on feel-good stories often involving The Clinton Foundation. She once interviewed the Geico gecko, asking him questions such as, “Now gecko, do people recognize you on the street?”