Hillary Accused of Trying to Intimidate GOP Senators After Chiming in on Trial

2016 Presidential loser Hillary Clinton elicited a strong reaction from social media users on Twitter when she decided to chime in on the impeachment trial.

Clinton tweeted:

The entire world is waiting to see whether Senate Republicans will close their eyes and cover their ears to avoid the plain truth of the president’s misdeeds.

The very integrity of the Senate is on trial along with the president.

The tweet was instantly viral with over 90k likes and 35k talking about it.

One Twitter user Maegan accused Hillary of trying to “intimidate the Senate” writing:

It seems as though you all are trying to intimidate the Senate. Telling them how to do their job.. Shameful of you guys!


Many others responded as well.

The overwhelming number of top liked replies are from those opposing her.

Tim Young wrote “Delete your account.”

Dirk Hardpec added “She’s had a lot of practice with deleting.”

Corey Lynn wrote “believe you are confused with all of those who have closed their eyes and covered their ears to all of your criminal acts for decades.

The entire world is waiting…. waiting for you to be charged for all of your crimes, while thanking God you are not our President.”

Mike Mason replied “Said by someone with zero integrity.”

This article first appeared on TheConservativeOpinion.com 

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