Herschel Walker defends fans booing NFL games “there shouldn’t be politics in sport”

Appearing on Fox News with Martha Maccallum, NFL legend Herschel Walker made the case that there shouldn’t be politics in sports and defended fans that booed social justice demonstrations during games.

Walker said  “First of all, it’s great unity but as I said early on, there shouldn’t be politics in sport,” Discussing how the league has now openly allowed protests, Walker asked “What’s the end game?”

“The players do have a right to protest, but they must realize that fans have a right to protest as well, so if they boo, you can’t be upset. If they don’t watch the show, you can’t be upset.” he continued.

Walker then asked “Instead of everybody having their folded arms and closed fists, why don’t we have an open hand?”

We all come together, and I’d love to go with you, the NFL, all major league sports, let’s go to Washington. Let’s get the Democratic, let’s get the Republican people together,” he added.

A separate appearance by Herschel Walker on Law and Order was recently praised by President Trump who wrote “We could all learn something from this.”