Head of Think Tank Suggests Trump Dying of “CPACVirus” Would Be “Poetic Justice”

Berin Szóka describes himself as a “neoliberal shill,” Tech policy lawyer and president of Tech Freedom.

Monday morning, Szoka tweeted “Serious question: could there possibly any greater poetic justice in the universe than for Trump to die of the #CPACvirus?”

Per DailyCaller, the Washington Post included Szóka, a self-described “neoliberal shill,” as an expert in their “Techology 202 Network” list Monday. Szóka’s group, TechFreedom, has financial links to billionaire Charles Koch, a frequent critic of the Trump administration’s protectionist trade policies on China.

Szóka later deleted the tweet and apologized, claiming that his question did not come from “a place of malice but from deepest concern.”

Many were still upset, firing back at Szóka.

Alex Anderson wrote “You’re as horrid as @CandiCdeBacaD9 who endorsed coronavirus bioterrorism on POTUS supporters.”

But you did so it is too late. We see who you really are!

This is the screenshots he’s referring to. And you absolutely meant it