Hawley defends Missouri fans who booed “Unity” Ritual after they are called “Classless Trash”

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) defended Missouri fans after they were called “Classless Trash” by some who did not like them booing the “moment of unity” between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Houston Texans.

Kenny King Jr wrote of the booing “#ChiefsKingdom is more trash than I gave them credit for. Booing the teams during a moment of unity? Pure classless trash.”

Responding to a Raw Story article that included King’s tweet Hawley fired back.

The Missouri Senator wrote ““Classless trash”? The left showing their usual contempt for middle America”

He added “Missouri has the best fans in the country. Don’t blame them for being tired of NFL/corporate woke politics jammed down their throats.”

in a subsequent tweet Hawley elaborated by quoting Jason Whitlock.

Whitlock wrote in an Outkick piece “The booing you heard rejected BLM, not unity. The booing you heard rejected the rioting, looting, violence and in-your-face harassment associated with the BLM movement.”