WATCH: Harris trolled by protesters holding signs and RNC billboards “Too little, too late”

VP Kamala Harris was trolled by protesters holding signs as well as RNB billboards during her El Paso border visit Friday.

Per Fox News, Harris was met wiht protesters waving flags, holding pro-Trump signs, as well as blasting “Que Mala” — a Spanish phrase meaning “how mean” — for making a “wrong turn” and informing the vice president that El Paso “isn’t Europe.”

Meanwhile, the RNC followed Harris to the border with an ad campaign.

Another of the ads being put out by the RNC in Texas. (RNC)

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a statement. “Make no mistake, the Biden-Harris administration’s failed policies and reckless open borders agenda is the true ‘root cause’ of the raging border crisis.”

“After more than 90 days of lying to the American people and fueling the crisis at the border, Kamala’s layover in El Paso is too little, too late,” McDaniel added.