Harris still leads Trump in 2024 POTUS Prediction Market Odds

Vice President Kamala Harris still leads former President Trump in the 2024 Prediction market odds at Smarket, according to a new report from Yahoo Finance.

Per the report, after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, Biden’s odds of re-election fell from 25% to 21%.

Meanwhile, Kamala Harris’ odds of becoming the next POTUS after the 2024 election has dropped form 21% to 13%.

This is still enough to edge former President Trump at 12%.

It’s worth noting Trump has not announced he will even be running in 2024 and if he were to, his odds could go up from that announcement alone.

Smarkets Head of Political Markets Matthew Shaddick said “For a sitting president to be given only a 21% chance of re-election by Smarkets traders is staggeringly low.”

He added “Kamala Harris’s prospects had been on the downgrade for some time and both could still have further to fall given the administration’s foreign policy problems.”