Harris mocked for claiming she wanted “Fweedom” even as a child in a stroller during a civil rights march

Kamala Harris is being brutally mocked for claiming in an interview that as a young child still in a stroller she was so moved by a civil rights march she told her mom she wanted “Fweedom.”

According to Harris’ story, she fell out of her stroller during a civil rights march in Oakland and was so caught up in the protest that when her Mom asked her “What do you want? What do you need?” she answered “Fweedom.”

Twitter world was quick to mock the story.

One Twitter user accused her of stealing the story.

James Lindsay replied “And then Hitler rode around the corner on a black horse, and Baby Kamala started to jump to dragon-kick his face off, but she paused and laughed sweetly from her belly and invited him to Kwanzaa instead. There, she talked him out of his life of hate, and the Holocaust unhappened.”

Adam Trahan replied “Holy f*ck, the absolute disdain she has for Americans in thinking they’re stupid enough to actually believe that”

Jonathan Seidi replied “It might as well say she found her way to the temple and started teaching the pharisees and scholars.”

Another Twitter user replied “reads like some north Korea bullsh*t about how the supreme leader was escorted by unicorns or something”