Harris failed bar exam on first try, ACB graduated top of her law class

A meme that states 2 facts, 1 about Kamala Harris the other about Judge Amy Coney Barrett has been fact checked by USA Today and given a “True” rating.

The meme states “Kamala Harris failed the bar 1st time.”

Then adds “Amy Coney Barrett 1st in her class.”

USA Today rates the meme as “true,” writing “based on our research, the claims about both Harris and Barrett are TRUE. Kamala Harris failed the bar exam on her first try, and Amy Coney Barrett graduated law school at the top of her class.”

A NY Times article cites Harris failing the bar exam on the first try.

The NY Times writes “She failed the bar exam the first time she took it. Harris says she recently consoled a young law graduate who also didn’t pass; “I told her, it’s not a measure of your capacity.”

Politico writes that Amy Coney Barrett graduated top of her class at Notre Dame Law School.

Politico writes “Barrett did not disappoint her mentors, graduating first in her class, and proceeding to clerk with Judge Laurence Silberman on the D.C. appeals court.”