Harris declares “It would be a disgrace to appoint” Barrett to “Ginsburg’s seat”

Taking to Twitter after a fiery back and forth session, Biden running mate Kamala Harris declared “it would be a disgrace to appoint” Amy Coney Barrett ” to Justice Ginsburg’s seat.”

Harris wrote “During her confirmation hearing, Justice Ginsburg said the right to choose was ‘essential to women’s equality.'”

She continued “We already know where Judge Barrett stands on a woman’s right to choose. Her writings made it clear.”

“It would be a disgrace to appoint her to Justice Ginsburg’s seat,” the California Senator concluded.

One Twitter user replied “It’s not Ginsburgs seat. It’s an open vacancy soon to be filled by ACB.”

Meanwhile, Judge Barrett’s answers to Kamala Harris during their contentious Q&A session earned rave reviews from conservatives.