Harris comes to defense of controversial pick for Biden cabinet

Friday, Kamala Harris publicly defended controversial Biden cabinet pick Neera Tanden.

Tanden has faced criticism from both the progressive left and the right.

Sharing a video from Tanden, Harris wrote “Like me, @neeratanden was raised by a single mother and knows firsthand the importance of having an economy that treats all people with dignity and respect. I know with her at the helm of the Office of Management and Budget our budget will fully reflect our values.”

Tanden was on Hillary’s team and her statements angered many on the progressive left supporting Bernie.

Former Bernie national press secretary Briahna Joy Gray tweeted “Everything toxic about the corporate Democratic Party is embodied in Neera Tanden.”


Drew Brandewie, spokesperson for Senator John Cornyn, does not think Tanden will be approved.

Brandewie tweeted Sunday “Neera Tanden, who has an endless stream of disparaging comments about the Republican Senators’ whose votes she’ll need, stands zero chance of being confirmed.”