Harmeet Dhillon says “our country is effectively being run by Nancy Pelosi”

Discussing the first annual Nunes Freedom Festival with the Daily Caller, Harmeet Dhillon, an attorney and national committeewoman for the Republican National Committee said “our country is effectively being run by Nancy Pelosi.”

“It isn’t even, as I feared Kamala Harris,” Dhilon continued “I think she’s really just floating around the scenery. But it’s the far left socialist.”

Dhilon said the event that also featured Rep. Andy Biggs was about “celebrating freedom.”

Discussing tech censorship, Biggs said “we are at an existential crossroads in this country, and we have to get it back to fundamental notion of what our rights are. They come from God they don’t come from the government.”

“And we have to fight every step of the way,” he continued. “The Democrats and the left they never take a day off, they are always fighting and we have to respond. And we not only have to respond, we have to change the narrative.”