Hannity fires back, calls Boehner “one of the worst Republican speakers in history” and asks “what’s up with all the crying John?”

Moments ago, Fox News host Sean Hannity fired back at criticism from John Bohner.

Boehner wrote about Hannity in his upcoming book “We used to have a good relationship but then he decided he felt like busting my ass every night on his show. So one day, in January of 2015, I finally called him and asked: ‘What the hell?’ I wanted to know why he kept bashing House Republicans when we were actually trying to stand up to Obama.”

Hannity tweeted:

John Boehner will go down in history as one of the worst Republican speakers in history. He’s weak, timid and what’s up with all the crying John?

There was not a single time I was around him when he didn’t just reek of cigarette smoke and wine breath.

I’m glad he’s finally found his true calling in life in the “weed industry”.

More Monday. Happy Easter all.