WATCH: Hannity Blasts Flynn Judge “You Reek of Ignorance, You Reek of Political Bias”

Fox News host Sean Hannity blasted Clinton appointed judge Emmet Sullivan in a fiery segment saying “you reek of ignorance, you reek of political bias!”

Sean Hannity:

The DOJ wants all charges dropped with all the new evidence we’ve been exposing on this show now for two weeks. Now both sides want to rightly end the case.

Judge Sullivan, you also said there was no Brady material withheld. You were wrong again, judge. 

You botched this from day one and you had a bias from day one. You reek of ignorance, you reek of political bias!

So Judge Sullivan, you and you alone from this day forward are responsible for continuing what has been a travesty of justice that destroyed four years of an American hero’s life, and it’s time for a new venue and a new judge, and someone unlike you that doesn’t have political bias.