WATCH: After Mar-a-Lago visit, Senator Hagerty says “Trump is engaged and energized” while focusing on 2022 elections

Tennessee Senator Bill Hagerty discussed his recent meeting with former President Trump who told him he is focused on 2022 midterms and has not decided on whether he will make a 2024 comeback run.

“President Trump’s policies made America the fastest growing economy in the world, renewed our military strength, and, through Operation Warp Speed, positioned our nation to recover from the global pandemic far faster than otherwise would have been the case,” Hagerty said.

“This week, I enjoyed visiting with President Trump at Mar-a-Lago, where we discussed a range of topics, including the border crisis, election integrity, the state of the Republican Party, and the 2022 elections. President Trump is engaged and energized, and remains focused on fighting for the forgotten men and women all across the country,” he added.