HA! Clintons Left FURIOUS After Heckler Screams “BORING!” During Event

According to new reports, Bill and Hillary Clinton were recently heckled during part of their “An Evening with The Clintons” nation-wide speaking tour.

One reporter in attendance noted that a heckler “stood up and interrupted,” shouting, “Bill, this is boring!”

While Hillary attempted to talk over the man, calling him an “agent provocateur,” the heckler made a loud reference to “Jeffrey Epstein,” the billionaire friend of the Clinton Family, a convicted predator with a salacious background.

While the Clintons widely touted their tour as an event not-to-be missed, it has notably underperformed, with the duo allegedly speaking before largely empty halls on several occasions.

In some cases, tickets are selling on Groupon at “bargain bin” rates.


From BizPacReview:

Former President Bill Clinton and his wife, failed 2016 Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton, were reportedly heckled Thursday while speaking in New York City as part of their widely publicized but under-performing “An Evening with The Clintons” cross-country tour.

According to a new piece by New York Post columnist Maureen Callahan, who attended the gala, around “[n]ot quite halfway through the event, a man in the front row stood up and interrupted.”

“‘Bill, this is boring!’ he yelled,” she wrote. “As he tried asking his question — ‘Why don’t you talk about’ — Hillary immediately began talking over him, saying that the ‘important political conversations’ they were trying to have could be difficult, especially when interrupted by such ‘agent provocateurs.’”

In response to being smeared as an “agent provocateurs” — God forbid anyone heckles or disrespect the obnoxiously elitist Clintons — the man reportedly shouted, “Jeffrey Epstein!”


Bill used to (it’s unclear if he still is) be close friends with billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who around a decade ago was convicted of soliciting an underage girl for prostitution.

While that was the only charge that the authorities were able to pin on the convicted pedophile, it’s known for a fact that he used to use a jet to transport young girls to a piece of land he owned called “Orgy Island.” Moreover, it’s also known that Clinton sometimes flew on that same jet.

At Thursday’s event, Callahan argued that the unnamed heckler’s taunt was the only interesting thing that occurred all night. Save for that, the event had indeed been “boring.”