Gutfield Uses Pelosi’s Own Words Against Her After Her Salon Visit “What a bad example! She should know”

During a blistering segment about Pelosi’s Salon visit controversy, Fox News Host Greg Gutfield used the House Speaker’s own words against her.

Gutfield begins by asking “Remember all those righteous types going after President Trump for not wearing a mask? But he’s a role model, they scream! He’s killing people!”

He adds “Of course, away from the cameras, they were doing something else. That’s the difference between Trump and politicians. With Trump, what you see is what you get. The others? Well, they’re politicians.”

Gutfield then says “This is the same Nancy who said this.”

He shows a clip of Pelosi saying “The White House, by bringing all those people there, no masks, no distancing, and the rest. He slapped science right in the face. And what a bad example that was.”

Gutfield then mocks Pelosi “What a bad example! She should know.”

He later says mockingly “Being a politician means having that special pass that gets you in front of every Disney ride. It means the best seat in the house, the ability to bump anyone off a flight, to be able to run red lights to get to that gym across town, environment be damned. If you talk the talk, there’s no need to walk the walk.”