Gutfield “Remember how much the press hated Trump’s deplorables? The feeling is still mutual”

In a fiery rant, Greg Gutfield blasted the liberal media Saturday. After showing a clip of CNN’s Christiane Amanpour comparing the Trump era to Nazis, Gutfield said “What a talking garbage can. Do you want to know why we question the election? There’s your answer. if you believe Trump is a Nazi and an existential risk, it must be your imperative to overthrow him. By all means necessary, and make no mistake we have done so before. We just called it a “regime change.” America has interfered abroad for less than removing the evil monster named Donald Trump, so why wouldn’t democracy take a backseat? It already has.”

He continued “And now you see the media mocking those who have seen it clearly that mockery is part of the plan. If you don’t accept this election at face value, you must be nuts. Sorry that is not the case. We are onto you. You jackasses tried to ruin lives and businesses and families. Nothing was off-limits, justifying thuggery at restaurants and homes, you acted like an invading army.”

“Remember how much the press hated Trump’s deplorables?” Gutfield asks “The feeling is still mutual.”