Gutfeld blasts Antifa as “fascists” who are taking “advantage of the cowardice of our politicians”

Fox News reports “The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld reacted strongly Monday to the violent protests that are consuming numerous American cities in the wake of George Floyd’s death last week.

“Everybody following this closely knew there was a separation between the protests and the instigators. Remember, we were all in agreement at the beginning that this was a brutal crime against Mr. Floyd,” Gutfeld began.

“Yet the fact that we’re all in agreement meant nothing to [stop] the violence, which tells you that this was used as an opportunity for insurrection by a specific group of fascists. I’m not talking about Black Lives Matter. I’m talking about Antifa.”

Gutfeld said that violent agitators have taken advantage of liberal Democratic governors’ and mayors’ preference not to intervene and arrest protesters, even when a protest goes violently awry.

“I have to hand it to the radical groups who understand that liberal governance is more consumed by how the media looks at them than protecting their own citizens,” he said. “The domestic terrorists understand that they can take advantage of the cowardice of our politicians knowing that they won’t show up to protect the citizens. Then [those leaders] hang us out to dry.”

As Gutfeld spoke, Fox News Channel showed video of protesters in Philadelphia accessing the Vine Street Expressway near Center City during rush hour. Law enforcement could be seen making at least one arrest as white smoke billowed from the shoulder of the highway.