Gun right activist warns Harris could resort to confiscating handguns

Appearing on Tucker Carlson tonight, Second Amendment activist Colin Noir warns Biden running mate Kamala Harris is serious about gun confiscation.

Kamala Harris “can use whatever pretty fancy words and euphemisms she wants to use,” Noir told Tucker “but what she’s talking about is literally taking people’s guns and I think people really need to grasp that.”

Noir also characterized Harris as a hypocrite “She has anti-gun for you and me. But when it comes to her having guns or whoever she has enforcing her law, she doesn’t have a problem with that.”

Noir sees a slippery slope where what starts as confiscating AR-15s becomes confiscating handguns.

He made the case that if deaths don’t increase after the confiscation of AR-15s “she’s going to have to go to handguns next, because less than 1% of gun deaths in this country happen by way of AR-15s.”