WATCH: Guest on “The View” describes Trump’s base as “Klan-like”

Tiffany Cross, a frequent MSNBC contributor and guest on “The View” described Trump’s base as “Klan-like.”

“I wonder what would possess a president to say something like that,” she said, “and it’s really because he’s tossing red meat to his Klan-like base that he needs so desperately to win in November.”

None of the hosts on the show objected to her characterization of Trump’s base.

Cross later tweeted:

Whew! The 100s of msgs from #MAGA in my inbox this morning mostly read like this:

“You f-ing racist Black c*nt. How dare you call me Klan like. Maybe if your people didn’t waste their votes on Dems your lives wouldn’t be so sh*tty. #Trump2020

I mean. It’s like an SNL skit.