Guatemala Consul Warns FAKE Families are SCAMMING their Way to the U.S.

A new bombshell report reveals that some migrants are using fake documents to access entry into the United States.

American Mirror reported that federal officials report the staggering numbers of illegal immigrants arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border are driven in large part by a massive influx of male migrants arriving with young children.

The phenomenon exploits a loophole in U.S. immigration law that requires men or women with children – known as a family unit – to be released within 10 days. But Guatemalan consulate officials are warning many of the documents provided by those arriving are forged, and the children are simply used as get-through-the-border faster passes with an unknown fate, Fox San Antonio reports.

Just 4 months ago, border officials said that migrants were using children as human shields at the border.

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From Fox 29

It’s a mad dash to the border, more than 108,000 men, women and children have illegally entered the U.S., A loophole allows men or women with children to be released withing 7-10 days.

What Fox San Antonio has found out is that not all are truly the father or mother of the child they claim is there flesh and blood and that is what Homeland Security Investigations is now focusing on.

What we discovered is a trail of fake documents that may be accelerating the collapse of the Immigration Court System according to the American Bar Association. Fake birth certificates that Homeland Security Investigations believes are being used by males to get into the U.S. with children who may not be their daughter or son, but will help them get released within 7-10 days. I traveled to Del Rio where the Guatemalan consul showed us first hand some of those fake birth certificates found along the border.

It’s a wave of human beings flooding through a permeable border like we have never seen before. The majority of them according to Border Patrol coming from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador also known as the Northern Triangle.

“The Northern Triangle, the countries that seems to be the ones in the caravans at this time headed towards the border or have arrived at Eagle Pass offices and our other border offices in Laredo,” said Monica Mapel, Assistant Special Agent in charge in San Antonio for Homeland Security Investigation.

No longer are young men the ones illegally crossing into the U.S. in large numbers, now the government is seeing more family units than ever before.

According to Louie Wayne Collins, Customs Border Patrol, “Our family units are up 600% compared to this time last year.”

Family unit meaning a family, a mother with her children or a man with their children. But why would all of a sudden more men now be making the treacherous trip to the U.S. with their children?

“There’s a drive and a phenomenon now to bring children with you, so that you can obtain that earlier release into the United States, to wait for your credible clear asylum full adjudication with citizenship and immigration services,” said Mapel.

We asked if there is a possibility that these may not be a family unit.

“There’s absolutely a possibility, that’s what I’m focused on, that’s what Homeland Security Investigation is focused on, with our partners in Customs and Border Protection and our brothers and sisters at Enforcement Removable Operations,” said Mapel.

The first clues came at the borders where agents started noticing odd behavior between children and the parent.

“A man arrived at a point of entry in South Texas, the child he was carrying had no diapers and no bottle and when customs and border protection encountered him, they provided him diapers and a bottle and he had no idea how to care for the child, did not know how to feed the child, change the diaper. That’s what we call a clue that is not your child,” said Mapel.

Others have arrived with birth certificates that show that they are parent and child. But when authorities have more time to review the document they start to find problems.

“When you get to maybe a second round or an interview process later on, it may be determined because the child cries out – that’s not my dad or that’s not my mom,” said Mapel..

Consul Tekandi Paniagua has a stack of birth certificates border patrol has been presented by people from Guatemala to show they are the parents of children who in fact are not theirs.

“We have verified many documents and detected a high number of documents that have been altered,” said Consul Paniagua.

The Guatemalan Consulate is working with border patrol and ICE to ensure that the documents being presented have not been altered. But Consul Paniagua also tells us that there is an important message his country is trying to get out to the indigenous community from the western part of Guatemala, which a lot of the documents and the migrants are coming from.

“To bring a child to this border is not a guarantee that you will be able to enter legally into the United States,” said Consul Paniagua.

The priority is the safety of the children and that they are with the correct people.

“They tell them, you show these documents, you say you are the father of these children, when in fact , this is fraudulent information,” said Consul Paniagua.

Homeland Securities Investigations has been leading the way investigating these cases.

“This is all my time I am focused on, trying to find ways to take what is perceived or actual of vulnerabilities to the process,” said Mapel.

Monica Mapel has been an investigator with HSI for over 2 decades.

“You know the system wasn’t built for this kind of a load, so you do the best I can to adapt to it, but the ultimate goal at all times is – is that the parent — is that the true parent and does that child belong to each other?” said Mapel.

“When Congress fails to close loop holes. It’s a crisis,” said Tom Holeman, former Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement or (ICE).

He says some of the wave of migrants is also being used by the cartels to further their criminal enterprises..

“The criminal cartel control the northern part of mexico those cartels move large numbers of family units through one quadrant to tie up all the assets ant they will move narcotics through one sector so we don’t know what is all being moved south of the border when everything is tied over here,” said Holeman.

And for the human smuggling organizations the phenomenon is a way to put money in their pocket.

“They don’t care about the children – their pawns – they don’t care about these individuals at all. It’s about the money and subtle threats to maintain the organization so that’s what we’re working on our end,” said Mapel.