Growing group of Republicans calling for McCarthy to punish Cheney, Kinzinger for joining Pelosi’s Jan 6th panel

According to a new report from CNN a “growing group” of House Republicans are calling for GOP House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy to punish Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger for joining House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’ January 6th panel.

“There’s a lot,” said one GOP member about the push to have the pair removed from their committees for joining with Pelosi. “Supporting Pelosi’s unprecedented move to reject McCarthy’s picks was a bridge too far.”

“Plenty of people wondering the same things,” another Republican told CNN. “If they are accepting appointments from Nancy Pelosi rather than the GOP, haven’t they already effectively left? Perhaps they should ask Speaker Pelosi for committee assignments?”

Per CNN:

Rep. Scott Perry, a Freedom Caucus member, publicly called on Conference Chair Elise Stefanik to call a special GOP conference meeting to “address appropriate measures” related to Pelosi booting two of McCarthy’s chosen picks from the committee. Some members specifically want McCarthy and Stefanik to push for a vote of GOP members to strip Cheney and Kinzinger, who both voted to impeach former President Donald Trump earlier this year, from their other committee assignments. Stefanik’s office did not respond to a request for comment on Perry’s desire for a conference meeting.

Last week, House Speaker Pelosi rejected the selections by McCarthy of Reps. Jim Banks and Jim Jordan, leading to McCarthy to pull all 7 of his selections to the committee.

Since, Pelosi has added anti-Trump Republican Adam Kinzinger to join Liz Cheney as the only two Republicans on the panel.