Group of Utah Republicans push to censure Romney for his vote to convict Trump

A small group of Utah Republicans is still pushing for the state party to censure Senator Mitt Romney for his vote to convict Trump in his second impeachment trial.

Per the Salt Lake Tribune “earlier this week, Larry Meyers, sent an email to members of the Utah GOP State Central Committee advocating for a special meeting to consider a number of items, including the proposed censure of Romney. The central committee acts as the governing body of the state party.”

Meyers said in a text message to the publication “it would likely be very straightforward, citing the impeachment trial votes and stating that the SCC censures him.”

As chairman of Platform Republicans PAC, Meyers issued their own censure for Romney on March 8th.

The Utah Platform Republicans PAC issued a resolution today censuring U.S. Senator Mitt Romney, Utah’s junior Senator, for his votes in the impeachment trials of former President Donald Trump. The Resolution states that the Utah GOP Platform requires that public officials be held accountable and asserts that Sen. Romney’s votes were “unjust and unethical.”

According to PAC Director Larry Meyers, the PAC’s Board of Directors, which includes members of the Utah Republican Party’s State Central Committee, former state and county Party leaders, and representation from seven of Utah’s largest counties, unanimously voted to censure Senator Romney because the Utah Republican Party has not issued a censure and because hundreds of thousands of Utah Trump voters need to know that some Republican leaders support censuring Romney.

“We are compelled to speak out because of the harm that Senator Romney has done to the Republican brand,” Meyers stated, “and we hope that other Republican leaders will follow us in holding him accountable. We invite all Republicans to join us in working to make the Utah GOP a Party of bold, conservative principles, rather than a Party of Democrat-lite Romney-ites.”

The Platform Republicans PAC is a Utah political action committee with a mission to “recruit, vet, and support candidates who will faithfully uphold the Utah Republican Party Platform, and the Utah and U.S. Constitutions.”