Group led by former aide to Jeb spending millions to help Biden win Florida

A group of Republicans are going against their party nominee and spending millions in an effort to help Democrats turn Florida blue.

The group is led by Mike Murphy, who helped Bush in his Florida gubernatorial elections twice.

David Hill, a former Bush pollster is also part of the team.

The effort, called “Project Orange Crush”  plans to spend between $8 to $10 million over the next couple months leading to the election.

According to the Miami Herald, officials with Republican Voters Against Trump, a national super PAC, said Monday they would begin a campaign aimed at persuading politically moderate Floridians to back Joe Biden, hopeful that the support of those voters can swing the battleground state — and possibly the presidency — toward the Democratic presidential candidate this fall.

The effort, dubbed “Project Orange Crush,” is expected to spend $8 million to $10 million over the next two months, officials with the group say, and will include TV, social media, and digital ads. It will target nearly a half-million voters in the state, including independents and moderate Republicans who are wary of Trump but have not yet committed to voting for Biden.