Group claims to have enough signatures to recall Democrat mayor who cut police funding

A group that calls itself “Unite Norman” claims they have gathered more than enough signatures to support a recall petition for Mayor Breea Clark.

Mayor Breea Clark as well as several council members upset many Oklahomans when they chose to enact policies that would defund the police.

The Norman City Council voted in June to cut the police department budget by $865k, reallocating these funds both to community development programs and to hire an auditor to track police overtime.

According to The Oklahoman, the petition to recall Clark requires 18,124 signatures, or 25% of registered voters in Norman. The group reported turning in 20,560 signatures Friday in favor of recalling the mayor.

Unite Norman co-founder Russell Smith boasted to supporters outside City Hall that “What we just did was historic,” he added “It’s about the issues here in this town. It’s about taking our town back. It’s about not having radicals in power. This is about centering the ship.”

Obtaining the over 20k signatures was no small feat, for 2 months, advocates collected petitions on street corners and signs.

Both volunteer and paid petitioners even went doo to door.

A newspaper ad run by the group said “Enough is Enough!” and mailers were sent to residents asking for their support on the petition if they were also “tired of the radical agenda being pushed by Norman City Councilors.”

At this time Mayor Clark is said to be withholding comment until the signatures are verified.