Groping accusation against Cuomo by former aide referred to police in Albany, NY

A grouping allegation against embattled Governor Andrew Cuomo from a former aide has been referred to the police in Albany, NY.

Albany Police Department spokesperson Steven Smith confirmed to the NY Times that the department received the referral on Wednesday.

Per The Hill “Smith told The New York Times that the referral doesn’t mean that the department has begun investigating, but that it has offered the victim services “as we would do with any other report or incident.””

Cuomo has denied the incident. His acting counsel Beth Garvey said “as a matter of state policy when allegations of physical contact are made, the agency informs the complainant that they should contact their local police department. If they decline, the agency has an obligation to reach out themselves and inform the department of the allegation.”

“In this case the person is represented by counsel and when counsel confirmed the client did not want to make a report, the state notified the police department and gave them the attorney’s information,” she added.


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