Greta Thunburg Suggests Climate Activists “Extinction Rebellion” Defy Police Ban

Monday, Extinction Rebellion climate activists defied a police ban on protesting in London just hours after it was introduced.

On Tuesday morning, the group’s co-founder, Gail Bradbrook, was filmed climbing the entrance to the Department for Transport in Westminster.

Extinction Rebellion (XR), which has previously said it is acceptable to scare people about climate change, said other protesters had glued themselves to the building.

It followed a move by police on Monday night to crack down on the capital-wide protests. Scotland Yard ordered activists to stand down or face arrest.

Yahoo reports Greta Thunberg has told Extinction Rebellion (XR) protesters that they should consider breaking the law so they can continue their demonstrations.

Police this week imposed a section 14 order on XR, meaning any group of two or more people linked to the group’s Autumn Uprising is banned.

The move, which was taken after Londoners began to grow irritated by the disruption on the streets, was swiftly condemned by human rights groups and London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Now, teenage climate change campaigner Greta has suggested XR protestors continue on regardless.

She said: “If standing up against the climate and ecological breakdown and for humanity is against the rules then the rules must be broken.”

Her comments come on the day that commuters at Canning Town angrily fought back against XR protesters who had climbed on top of a tube during rush hour.

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