Greta Thunberg Doesn’t Win Nobel Peace Prize, Awarded to Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed

The many who predicted teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg would win the Nobel peace prize were proven incorrect today.

BBC reports the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who made peace last year with bitter foe Eritrea.

He was awarded the prize for his efforts to “achieve peace and international cooperation”.

Mr Abiy’s peace deal with Eritrea ended a 20-year military stalemate following their 1998-2000 border war.

He was named as the winner of the 100th Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, where he will receive the award in December.

Per NationalPost, teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg was the odds-on favourite to win this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

The award would have capped an already extraordinary year, in which Thunberg evolved from a student sitting outside the Swedish Parliament, all by herself, to become the leader of a global youth movement, inspiring millions of schoolchildren around the world to join her in calling for greater action on climate change.

“How dare you? You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words,” she told world leaders in a blistering speech at the United Nations last month.

But instead of bestowing the prize on the 16-year-old Swede, the Norwegian Nobel Committee gave the prize to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who was praised for his efforts to “achieve peace and international cooperation”.

Abiy, a 43-year-old former intelligence officer, has ushered in an era of hope for peace and greater freedoms in Africa’s second-most populous country, which has long been governed by authoritarian regimes. Upon taking office in April 2018, Abiy initiated the release of thousands of political prisoners, lifted bans on various political organizations, prosecuted former officials accused of torture and vowed to move Ethiopia toward its first free, multiparty elections in 2020.

Abiy has also made bold foreign policy moves, formally ending a 20-year military standoff with Eritrea, which seceded from Ethiopia in 1993 after decades of bloody war.

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