Greenwald accuses media of having become “disinformation agents” for Brennan, Clapper to protect the Biden family

Appearing with Tucker Carlson, journalist Glenn Greenwald blasted the mainstream media and accused them of burying the Hunter Biden story.

Greenwald also accused the media of becomig “disinformation agents” for U.S. intelligence agencies that believed Donald Trump was a threat.

“I still think we need to recognize what a historic crime and disgrace this is, not only in journalism, but as soon as these documents became known, the operatives in the intelligence community, the CIA, John Brennan, James Clapper, Michael Hayden, all of the standard professional liars, issued a letter claiming this material was the hallmark of Russian disinformation, even though they had no basis for thinking that, and that gave the media permission to lie to the public continuously, and Silicon Valley to censor these materials,” Greenwald told Tucker Carlson.

“So not only did the public not become aware of them, they were lied to, not only by claiming that Russia was involved, even though there was zero evidence they were and no one thinks that, but also by calling it disinformation, the implication was these documents were forgeries, when now we know the criminal investigation that has been ongoing, it is about the very transactions these documents covered,” he continued.

“This is an incredible crime by the corporate media and a lie to the public, and burying information before an election, but also again, domestic interference on the part of intelligence agencies in order to manipulate the outcome of our election,” he added.

Greenwald then added “well, I think that the intelligence services in the Trump era became one of the leading bulwarks against the Trump movement, so the media partnered with them based on the premise that the Trump presidency was dangerous, which is fine. If the media really wants to believe that the Trump presidency poses a danger, that is their prerogative,”

He continued “But what they don’t have the right to do is become disinformation agents, and the CIA and all of those guys in the intelligence community were open about the fact that they wanted Donald Trump to lose and they wanted to sabotage his presidency.”