Greene rips Pelosi over proposed vaccine requirement plan for lawmakers, says “you can take that broomstick you flew to town on and shove it”

Friday, Chad Pergram reported on Twitter:

1) Fox has obtained a draft copy of a letter crafted by a coalition of House Democrats, which calls on Capitol Attending Physician Dr. Brian Monahan to consider a vaccine requirement for lawmakers and Congressional staff.

2) The members will also ask for “at minimum, twice per week testing for those who are unable to vertify positive vaccination status.”

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) is the lead on the letter.

3) The draft says that “to forego the common-sense decision to require vaccination or frequent testing in the halls of Congress due to partisan pressure would call into question the objectivity of how we make health and safety decisions for this institution…”

4) “…and risk Members bringing a deadly virus back to their district. Furthermore, a vaccine requirement issued by the nonpartisan Office of the Attending Physician may even contribute to the depoliticization of the COVID-19 vaccine on Capitol Hill and back home.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted in response:

[email protected] you can take that broomstick you flew to town on and shove it.

There aren’t enough Democrats in DC to hold me down for a vaccine that I do NOT need.

Really old people like you, yes you are in the risk group, so get your jab if you choose.