Greene flips the script, argues it’s VP Harris who should be expelled, not her

Friday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene fired back at a Democrat resolution to have her expelled from Congress.

Greene tweeted:

Today Democrats introduced a resolution to have me expelled from Congress for nothing.

But @VP Kamala Harris, as a US Senator, raised money to bail out BLM/Antifa domestic terrorists from jail after they literally committed violent crimes and riots.

Who should be expelled?

Greene then added:

Uh oh and so did this US Congresswoman.


Giving aid and comfort to enemies.

Definitely grounds for expulsion.

Greene also retweeted Byron Donalds who wrote:

[email protected] is removed from her committees, but @ericswalwell
is kept on the Intel committee and he HAS been compromised by a Chinese spy?!?!?!

Tonight, the Dems PROVED they care more about power than national security. This is a damn shame!