Greene argues Hodgkins sentence was too severe compared to BLM rioters let off their charges

Thursday, Rep. Greene criticized the sentencing of U.S. capitol riot participant Paul Hodgkins.

Green tweeted:

8 months in prison for walking in the Capitol & taking a selfie in the senate?

Did he assault anyone, steal anything, or cause damage to the Capitol?

BLM rioters were let off their charges in NY & other states.

During covid lockdowns, CA let murderers & rapists out of jail.

She was responding to Dinesh D’Souza who tweeted “The sentencing of Paul Hodgkins is a window into the face of American injustice. The problem isn’t just the Biden DOJ; it’s also Obama appointed judges willing to destroy the lives of working-class people solely for being Trump supporters. @julie_kelly2 @mtgreenee @Jim_Jordan”

Green also wrote in a separate tweet:

The stories coming out seem to be political targeting designed for intimidation.

Has there been an investigation into the BLM rioters who were bailed out from Kamala & Ilhan sharing the Minnesota Freedom Fund bail bond fundraising links?

And their friends, family, & followers?