Granddaughter of legendary singer accuses VP Harris of bullying her mom to near suicide

In several tweets, ReAnna Simone Kelly, the granddaughter of legendary singer Nina Simone, accused Vice President Kamala Harris of bullying her mom to the point she nearly committed suicide.

ReAnna tweeted “As I said before, Ask her why she separated my family.”

“Ask her why my grandmothers estate is in SHAMBLES now,” she continued. “Ask her why we as her family no longer own the rights to anything. Ask her why she bullied my mother in court and my mom almost killed herself from the depression.”

“Nina’s granddaughter here. My family doesn’t run her estate anymore. It was taken away from us & given to white people. Our family name was DRAGGED in the media. We get NO royalties, nothing. Wanna hold someone accountable?Ask Kamala Harris why she came for my family,” Simone Kelly also wrote.

ReAnna added more details in another extensive tweet thread, writing:

I know everyone has a lot of questions about this thread. There are a lot of assumptions and misinformation flying around at the moment. So let me shed some light on this situation for you. These are the facts concerning my mother, Kamala Harris, and the Nina Simone estate.

The Nina Simone estate is a French Estate and we were told by US judges to go and claim Heirship in France. While we were in France setting up and renovating Grandma’s house in Carry Le Rouet, we were told that Kamala Harris was coming after us.. for no good reason.

She and her office put out stories about funds being misappropriated which of course, turned out to be totally false as the money she was talking about was used to pay attorneys, accountants and to protect and run the estate.

Kamala was told after many months in court that there weren’t any crimes committed & that she was going to lose the case. The law firm that we initially sued for wrongfully filing the estate in the US probate system, in the end, wound up settling with us for a few million dollars

To be clear, Kamala had no jurisdiction over the estate because it is not an American estate. It is a French estate and should have been filed in France. Grandma was a resident of France, lived in France, and died in France. Her estate was French.

On top of that fact, the law firm that we originally sued (before they threatened us with Kamala Harris & brought her in to sue us) misrepresented us as they knew the estate was a French Estate.

They (meaning the law firm we originally sued) still went ahead & filed for probate in America which started 15 years of legal battles for us.

Kamala Harris, who had joined the law firms defense and attack against us, threatened my mother Lisa Simone with jail time before the case was underway if my mom didn’t resign as the Administrator and Trustee of the estate.

In the revoked will Kamala was using (which is a whole other story onto itself) my mom was protected in every way from litigation especially if she used attorneys & accountants to help her run the estate, which she did. Mom being forced to resign would strip her of her protection

The only way Kamala could try to prosecute my mother was if my mom was not protected, which is why Kamala tried to force my mother to resign as the administrator and executive of the estate.

To be clear, my mother did not resign because of any wrong doing on her part. My mother resigned because she was bullied and intimidated by Kamala Harris, who was the attorney general of California at the time, into resigning.

My mother DID NOT embezzle money from the estate, including the charitable portion.

The charity that my mother was wrongfully accused of stealing from could not be formed until after probate was closed, which it wasn’t. That is the reason the American judges ruled that we should go to France to file for my mother’s inheritance as they deemed it a French estate.

Kamala was wrong to assume that the charitable portion of the estate already existed and that is why she came after us.