Graham’s challenger calls him a “relic,” vows to “start our new chapter, called the new South”

Yahoo reports on Jimmy Kimmel Live, which was guest-hosted by comedian and actor Billy Eichner Wednesday, South Carolina Democrat Jaime Harrison had a lot to say about his opponent, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

Harrison, who is currently celebrating a record-breaking $13.9 million in fundraising during the second quarter of 2020 in his bid to unseat Graham, stated, “We are going to close the chapter on what I call the old South, which Lindsey is a relic of, and we are going to start our own new chapter, called the new South. A new South that is bold, that’s inclusive and that’s diverse.”

“I feel the energy on the ground with Democrats, Republicans and Independents, who are just fed up with Lindsey Graham and the rubber-stamping that he’s been doing,” added Harrison.

Harrison, who also explained that he has “beaten the odds” his whole life, is currently tied with Graham, according to an online poll in May, and displayed full confidence that he is going to win as he spoke to Eichner Wednesday.

“He’s totally focused on his own political power and political relevance. He’s not focused on the people of South Carolina,” said Graham.

Harrison added, “We have a Senator who cares more about his tee times with the president, or flying on Air Force One, or some fancy dinner, instead of coming here, and rolling up his sleeves, to do the work with the people of South Carolina.”

Eichner also brought up the fact that Graham was once one of Trump’s critics before becoming his best friend. Graham even stated that his friendship with Trump is because he is trying “to be relevant,” which Harrison thinks is sad.

“It’s a sad statement because relevance for me is making sure that all of the kids who grew up the way that I did – poor and having all of these barriers in front of them – can live the American dream. That’s what we want. That’s what we need, and Lindsey’s not doing that. We just need someone who will fight for us and not fight against us,” stated Harrison.