Graham Calls for Vote on Bernie’s Proposal to let Murderers and Rapists Vote

On Thursday, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham took to social media to suggest a vote on Bernie Sanders’ and other Democrats’ recent argument that prisoners serving time for rape, murder, and terrorism should be allowed to vote from the penitentiary.

“Let’s vote on [Bernie Sanders’] idea to allow rapists, murders, and terrorists to vote from prison,” suggested Graham, which he said would allow US voters to “See where every elected official stands” on the issue.

During a recent town hall event, Sanders shocked the nation with his assertion that some of America’s most violent criminals, including terrorists, should be allowed to vote in federal elections.

Other Democrats, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, have signaled their support for Sanders’ idea.

Social media users overwhelmingly agreed that Sanders’ notion is absurd, and flocked to share their opinions on how to address the situation.

While responses varied, with many believing that voting rights should be re-instated following a prisoner’s release, commenters were clear that allowing convicted felons to vote from prison is not an issue most Americans agree with.