Gowdy Blasts Pelosi for Delaying Tactic, Says “most people are smart enough to see through that”

Appearing on “The Daily Briefing” Trey Gowdy, former chairman of the House Oversight Committee, blasted Nancy Pelosi for delaying Senate impeachment.

Trey Gowdy

If he really is an existential threat to the republic, if he really has committed conduct that should result in his removal from office, then why would you not go ahead and send it on to the Senate?

The Constitution gives the House no role in deciding how this trial takes place.

It is exclusively within the providence of the Senate. I think most of my fellow citizens will see through this “let’s hurry up and impeach him and then sit on the indictment for god knows how long.” I think most people are smart enough to see through that.


This article first appeared on TheConservativeOpinion.com 

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