Gov. Abbott vows to protect gun rights “Texas must be a Second Amendment sanctuary state”

In response to Democrats to enact stricter gun control in the Biden administration era, speaking to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott promised “to erect a complete barrier against any government office anywhere from treading on gun rights in Texas.”

“Texas must be a Second Amendment sanctuary state,” he vowed.

Questioned about gun safety measures such as “red flag” laws or universal background checks, Abbott continued to emphasize that “the goal that I’m seeking to achieve is to do the maximum to protect Second Amendment Rights.”

“It would be a law that would prohibit any … state or local government official from doing anything to implement any law, state or federal, that would take guns away from any Texan,” he added.

Saturday, Abbott reacted to a gun control bill proposed by Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee by tweeting:

This is an example why I want to make Texas a Second Amendment Sanctuary State —>

Gun control bill from Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee would create national firearm registry, require licensing.

We must erect a complete barrier to gun regulations like this.