Gov. Abbott trounces Beto for Texas governor in new poll

A new poll has incumbent Republican Governor Greg Abbott trouncing potential Democrat challenger Beto O’Rourke in a hypothetical challenge.

Abbott holds more than a 12-point lead in the potential matchup.

The same poll has Abbott barely ahead of actor Matthew McConaughey if the actor were to decide to run.

Per the Dallas News “Abbott, a two-term Republican, is favored by 39% of Texans of all political stripes, while McConaughey, who hasn’t picked a political party or even committed to running, draws backing from 38%. Nearly a quarter of Texans said they’d vote for someone else.”

“If O’Rourke tosses his bandanna in the ring, he starts out behind: While about two-thirds of Democrats support O’Rourke, 78% of the more numerous Republicans back Abbott. And Abbott’s edging O’Rourke among independents (35%-28%), for an overall lead of 45%-33% in their general-election showdown,” the report adds.