Gorka Argues the Greatest Threat from Coronavirus Is Dem Push for Mail-in-Voting, Ballot Harvesting

Breitbart reports the greatest threat the coronavirus outbreak poses to America is the Democrat push for nationalized “mail-in-voting” and “ballot harvesting,” determined Sebastian Gorka, host of the America First radio show, former deputy assistant to President Trump, and author of The War for America’s Soul: Donald Trump, the Left’s Assault on America, and How We Take Back Our Country.

Gorka joined Thursday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

“Democrats are trying to use this virus as a reason to change fundamentals in the United States, and it doesn’t get much more fundamental than voting,” said Marlow. “There’s a big push from every corner of the Democrat Party, from Michelle Obama to Elizabeth Warren to Nancy Pelosi to Eric Holder talking about how we can use this openly to fundamentally transform our voting system.”

Marlow continued, “What they want to do is they want to have ballot harvesting [and] mandatory — or automatic, is the right term — vote-by-mail where they’re sending out ballots that will, no doubt, be used for fraud.”

Gorka replied, “This topic you just raised is the greatest threat to our republic related to this coronavirus.”

Democrat governors and mayors are using the coronavirus outbreak to expand their control over the population, noted Gorka. “This week, Gov. Northam, the butcher of Richmond, under the cover of the coronavirus, has been taking unconstitutional decisions left, right, and center.”

Gorka continued, “[Ralph Northam] changed the laws on all the purchasing of handguns. He said that no ID is required to vote in Virginia. This is a taste of what the party — the Democrats — are going to do across the nation.”

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