GOP senator enrages critics by tweeting statue of himself holding gun and telling Biden “Come and take it”

Thursday, Senator Mike Rounds (R-SD) tweeted a statue of himself and a dog holding a gun.

“Hey @JoeBiden – come and take it. Careful, she bites too,” Biden tweeted.

Some Democrats were offended by the tweet.

Simon Thompson wrote “Why are these people always challenging others to try and take their guns? I mean… do they actually want people to turn up at their homes, places of work, or just in random places, legally fully armed… in some sort of really dark contest? It is genuinely really weird.”

Kurt Eichenwald wrote Another Senator who thinks threatening to kill people with a gun for having different political beliefs makes him look tough, instead of like a psychopath who encourages violence. He is proof of the need for background checks.”

Here are some of the other reactions.