GOP rep. vows to do what Dems did to Rep. Greene back “they’ve got more nuts than we’ve got”

Appearing on FM Talk 106.5, GOP lawmaker Mike Rogers of Alabama, a Republican vowed to do what Democrats did to Rep. Majorie Taylor-Greene back to them, arguing “they’ve got more nuts than we’ve got.”

“I hate what they’re doing with what we call MTG, Marjorie Taylor Greene, because it’s just a terrible precedent,” Rogers explained.

“They’re trying to hold something somebody said before they were in Congress and take their seats away. And plus, we have never allowed in the history of the Congress allowed the majority party to decide what committees minority parties are in,” he continued.

“It’s always been each party decided that for themselves. This is a terrible precedent, but I can just tell you — if they go and do this, we’ve made it clear to them in 22 months, when we’re in the majority, we’re going to do the exact same thing to them. They’ve got more nuts than we’ve got. We’re going to take them off their committees for the crazy stuff they’ve said, as well,” he added.

Several Republicans have specifically pointed to anti-semitic comments made by Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Omar was asked by Don Lemon while on CNN “what do you say to Republicans who equate you and Congresswoman Greene?”

Omar replied “Oh it’s ludicrous. It’s not even something worth addressing. They know they’re doing what it is in their playbook which is every time they are accused of wrongdoing to say ‘hey look over here, there’s a muslim, there’s an immigrant, there’s a black person doing something else'”